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Preferences (pilihan). Berikut ini beberapa pola kalimat untuk menyatakan pilihan (lebih memilih A ketimbang B).

1.  S + prefer + noun/V-ing + to + noun/V-ing

Contoh kalimat:

  • I prefer riding a motorcycle to driving a car.
  • We prefer this new building to the old one.
  • She prefers singing to dancing.
  • Andy prefers doing his hobby to watching TV all day.

Catatan: Untuk kalimat dengan subject tunggal maka kata prefer ditambah dengan -s.

2.  S + like + noun/V-ing + better than + noun/V-ing

Contoh kalimat:

  • Some people like doing sport better than staying at home on Sunday morning.
  • My friends like English better than Math.
  • His brother likes operating computer better than doing his homework.
  • He likes basketball batter than football.

Catatan: Untuk kalimat dengan subject tunggal maka kata like ditambah dengan -s.

3.  S + would rather + V1 + than + V1

Contoh kalimat:

  • They would rather take the chance than ignore it.
  • I would rather save the money than spend it.
  • Rudy would rather  phone me than sends SMS.
  • He would rather leave than stays in this room. 

4.  S + would prefer + to V1 + rather than + V1

Contoh kalimat:

  • Many teenagers would prefer to enjoy surfing on the internet rather than listen to the radio.
  • I would prefer to open this window rather than close it.
  • The police would prefer to arrest the robber rather than set him free.
  • He would prefer to work rather than become an unemployment.
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    posting yg sangat bermanfaat….
    semoga ermanfaat bagi anak didik kita…

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